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Research in the Entertainment Computing Laboratory

Research Interests: Computer game, Augmented reality, Visual information processing (Image-based modeling and rendering, 3D vision).

With the advancement of computers and networks, new types of entertainment have emerged such as video games, entertainment robots, and network games.

Entertainment computing presents the latest research and developments in: Computer games, Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies for entertainment, and Visual information processing.

Game computing includes technologies for on-line games, mobile games, 3D games, computer game algorithms, modeling of players, human interface technologies for game applications, motion capture technologies, interactive movie systems, game story generation, and human factors of computer games.

Augmented reality and mixed reality technologies for entertainment includes mixing virtual objects and the real world, interactions in virtual/mixed environment, and generations of virtual entertainment environment.

Visual information processing technologies include 3D vision, multiple view geometry, image-based modeling and rendering, and real-time rendering.

Ambient intelligence is a pervasive and unobtrusive intelligence in the surrounding environment supporting the activities and interactions of the users. We have focused on the ''mobile mixed reality'': the enhancement of information of a mobile user about a real scene through the embedding of various types of rich media objects.

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